Meet With A Quality Dentist In Hagerstown, MD

When you visit Valley Dental Associates in Hagerstown, MD, you'll notice right away that your smile is our top priority. Our warm and friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring you receive high quality dentistry services every time you visit. With a modern approach to treatment, a dentist from our practice will assess your individual needs, address your concerns, and work on a customized plan that will nurture your oral health. We proudly offer a multitude of services from general treatment all the way to restorative care.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

If you wish to improve your smile, we can make it happen with the following services:

Early Dental Care

Your young child's first tooth typically comes in between six months and one year. This is the perfect time for them to see a dentist. This first trip is vital for establishing proper care and ensuring a good relationship with your dental hygienist. If your child has a positive experience at their first trip, it can make subsequent trips much smoother.


Anything that affects the root of your tooth might require a consultation with one of our dentists. Whether you need a root canal, an extraction, or would like to discuss the possibility of an implant, we are ready to help.

TMJ and TMD Dentistry

The Temporomandibular Joint can occasionally become inflamed or swollen due to a number of factors that include grinding or clenching the teeth, the presence of arthritis in the joint or jaw area, and general tightening of the jaw and facial muscles due to stress or other factors. Our dentists are happy to discuss convenient treatment options with you.


Crooked teeth can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence. An orthodontist from our office will be glad to go over our orthodontic services, such as traditional braces and Invisalign.